Summer dreams


Today, the first day of the new year, the house is empty. The kids all came home for Christmas with partners and pets. Our new little caravan became a very handy extra bedroom. But now two have made the trip south to begin their year and the other two went along to enjoy Hobart when it is so very busy. 

The two of us and the dog and cats stayed home and settled into the silence and space, at least for a day or two. 

Do you love this Margaret Tarrant picture? It’s called Summer Dreams. I found it in an op shop a while back, I love the dreaminess of it and the grass and summer flowers rather than sand. It looks like a perfect spot to dream and relax. 

Summer here means the garden gradually gets drier and drier. There has been no rain and a busy time over the past week or two forgetting to water regularly. I’m getting back into the swing of things today. I have even managed a little post Christmas baking the other day, who can say no when a grown up child asks for a childhood favourite cake, teacake. It was yum.

wishing you a very happy, healthy and creative new year

Jenny xxx



Lots of dolls


Since the beginning of July  I have been slowly and quietly working on a collection of dolls with the aim to have them ready for a market I’m doing with my daughter at the end of November. Not that they will sell at the market, most people don’t go to handmade markets to spend a lot of money, well not here in Tasmania anyway but it will be fun spending the day with Katie. As the dolls are finished I will preview them here on the blog and on Instagram, Facebook and in my newsletter. I am happy to reserve dolls and ship them straight after the market. I’ll let you know the details of how this will be organised when the first group are ready to share. 

I have been enjoying the process of getting this collection together but this final part, the dressing of the dolls has me flipping and flopping from one idea to the next and back again. It’s funny though, when I look back at my original notes and inspirations for each doll, written so long ago now that I had forgotten the details, my flipping and flopping almost always leads me back to the place I started.  

We are having a spectacularly beautiful spring this year and when I’m not busy with my dolls I’m usually in the garden. This is the best time, now until late November while everything is still green. Once the lawn starts to dry out as it always does the garden loses its lushness. 

Hope you’re enjoying your springtime or autumn,

both are such pretty times  of the year. xx