How and where can I buy one of your dolls?

I list small collections of my dolls in my  shop . Most dolls are previewed here on the blog,  on Facebook and on Instagram

Can I commission a doll?

I do not take commissions for dolls, available dolls can be found in my shop.

What are the types of dolls you make?

In the past I have made a variety of different sizes and styles of dolls  .  Now I mostly concentrate on my 15" Georgie and 17” Mabel style dolls and I am hoping to release a collection of knitting and sewing patterns for them in the coming months. 

* The Mabel doll - Mabels are around 17" tall and this style of doll was originally inspired by the artwork of Mabel Lucie Attwell. To me they represent the sturdy child of around 5 or 6, a child who is full of inquisitive wonder and joy, interested in the world around them and with boundless imagination.

As I said when I first designed this style of doll "...a slightly chubbier, snugglier doll. A little kindergarten child full of wonder and eagerness and fun and sudden tiredness when it all gets too much and she needs to climb up onto your lap for a cuddle and a snooze"...

Examples of my Mabel dolls along with the smaller version Georgie and the larger Betsy can be found here


Where can I see your past work? 

I have a large body of work as I have been making dolls for many years. You can view all my dolls on Flickr

Are your dolls suitable for children?

My main focus in recent years has been to create dolls that retain the innocence and simplicity of the traditional Waldorf style doll but allow me to fully express my creativity.  This has resulted in a body of work that is more suitable for adult doll collectors who hold a special place in their hearts for dolls and I welcome their love for my work.

My dolls are intended for adult collectors, suitable for display and adult handling. My work is not suitable for nor intended as a toy for young children.

I do very occasionally create some of my classic style dolls and these are suitable for children aged 6 years and over.

Does anyone help you with the creation of your dolls?

I work alone and make the entire doll, the hair and the clothes. As you can imagine this takes many hours, most of my Mabel dolls represent 30 to 40 hours of work.  Over the years I have developed my own patterns for each type of doll I make and for most of their clothes too though I do occasionally buy clothing or shoe patterns and adjust to suit my dolls. I also have a large collection of children's and doll vintage clothing patterns. This collection is part of my never ending enchantment with early to mid twentieth century design.  In the past my mother knitted singlets and undies for my dolls but this is no longer the case. My beautiful daughter does occasionally give me colour advice about clothing and she is my sounding board for new ideas when I think I need a second opinion.

What kind of materials do you use for your dolls?

The best natural fibres I can find. I use cotton interlock for the skin fabric, wool roving from NSW for the doll heads and wool fleece from Victoria for stuffing the bodies. I use mostly mohair and brushed mohair wigs for my doll's hair. Occasionally I use  Teeswater sheep locks, mohair locks, alpaca locks and commercial mohair wefts, woollen yarn and teddy bear fur. Their faces are embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and cheeks blushed with  beeswax crayon.

Their clothing too is mostly natural fibre with occasional use of synthetic trims or tulle.