searching for signs of Autumn

Summer weather is continuing here relentlessly. Never ending beautiful still blue skies days, perfect really but the garden is confused. It's also dry, terribly dry, we haven't had any real rain for weeks. I can't really tell if the leaves are trying to change colour or just giving up and going brown and crunchy. Perhaps when Autumn declares itself all the leaves will turn amazing autumnal colours and then drop as if to say thank goodness, I couldn't hold on any longer. The dreaded oxalis has succumbed to a pretty orange mold which probably means that something terrible is wrong in the garden but it looks pretty and anything that gives the oxalis a hard time can't be all bad.




I have been working away on little Jimmy for quite some time. He has been a slow custom doll, taking shape in his own sweet time and taking an age to decide what he really wanted to wear. 


In the end it came down to needing red gum boots, of course. Everyone at some time needs a pair of red gumboots or rainbow gumboots. I had a rainbow pair when I was a child and red ones and for definite and for sure the best adventures came along when I was wearing those boots. We always found the best mushrooms, the best tadpoles and the best blackberries, we built the best bonfires and splashed in the best puddles in those boots.


So Jimmy's time with me is almost up and he will be flying off to his new family. I will miss him I think, it's nice to have a little boy in the work room. I do have a little ginger haired boy in the works though so there will still be a wee lad hanging around.