small things

Some small things to share.

We had the tiniest bit of rain here this morning so I took some photos of some of the tiniest flowers in the garden. These crazy poppies have self seeded and most of them are very small, they range from about 1cm across to about 2.5cm which makes them very cute.

The garden is very green and lush at the moment with all the spring growth. We haven't had much rain though so it won't be long before things start to dry out and that's always a reminder that summer and Christmas are not too far away.

End of school year, end of uni year and a gathering of the clan at Christmas time...I love this time of the year.

We have joined a local vegie box scheme until we start getting something other than silver beet from the garden. I have been trying to come up with some new vegie dishes to make sure nothing goes to waste and meals don't get boring. I actually do feel as though I am coming out of some long hibernation and have a renewed interest in all things domestic. I think I am finally embracing the idea of working ( dollmaking) part time, not taking it back to a hobby but just, how did Kate put it, being more relaxed, less driven. 

Speaking of dolls , as long as I get their shoes made there will be a couple of girls ready to find homes at the end of the week. I will share some pictures tomorrow.