Once again another month of lots of dolls started but few finished. 

This seems to be my new reality. When Katie is around I am enjoying her company, it won't be too long before she heads off to properly start her grown up life and our easy closeness will change just because we are no longer under the same roof.

My younger son calls me every week to keep me up to speed with his life, honours year is hard yakka but he seems to be thriving with the work.

My eldest son is in the UK, working on his PhD. I can't believe the discipline and focus these two boys have and I'm sure Katie will be the same. 

I am organised with flights and accommodation for the Melbourne dollmaking workshop

Not so organised with the kits and supplies for the workshop but it will happen. 

I am so enjoying these final days of winter as spring begins to slowly seep in. We have been having some spectacular sun filled still days where, if you can find a comfortable sun trap you can relax and appreciate the return of that warmth so easily taken for granted in the summer.

Katie has a new job and we have been treated every now and then to some of their yummy baked goodies. Delish. 

All the birthdays are over for the year now, mum's was the last one though she is still waiting for her present from me. I have ordered a family of little wooden dolls, four boys and four girls to represent mum and her siblings. Only three of them are still alive, mum and two of her sisters , 85, 88 and 91. I'll share a picture when the follies arrive, hopefully they are almost ready.

Thanks so much for stopping by, it's been so lovely to read your comments and emails. 

all the best