I wrote this blog post and then accidentally deleted the whole thing, so annoying.

So I start again, I faffed on about spring and how busy this month was going to be. I am doing my first interstate dolly workshop which is a big deal for me. I will have to write so many lists so that I make sure that I take everything I need.

I have so many ideas for dolls to make, but as we all know, I am a great starter, finishing, that is getting the dolls dressed and in the shop is another matter. Still I feel that I will accomplish a lot in this final quarter of the year. I feel more energised than I have in a long time and more certain of the direction I want to take.

I have added a picture of me with my morning bed head wearing my just delivered hand knit cotton wrap from Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. I became aware of the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin some years ago, she and her team have made such a huge difference to the lives of so many women I was really happy to find they have an online store. You might like to check out their website to learn more , there is a link to their shop on the website.

I have been working in the garden most days this week trying to wrestle it back once again from grass and weeds and restore some order. It's a scary place out there but I am really enjoying doing the physical work and mixing it up with my doll work. It's a nice balance. 

OK, it's not the same as the original post but life is too short to keep rewriting the same thing over and over and the dog needs a walk.

Thanks so much for visiting.