By the river


So the New Year has begun. We happily shared our New Year's Eve with Andy and his partner, Katie was at Falls and Louis won't be home until next week. We drove up the river to Beauty Point and had fresh fish and chips by the water, followed by a walk and then back to town in time for the early fireworks.

We stood on the side of Trevallyn Hill with many many other people, mostly families with younger children and watched the fireworks display. It was lovely except for the nasty mosquitoes feasting on our ankles and feet.


The year has started quietly, just the way I like with family coming and going, the house filling and emptying and filling again. The weather has been sweet and the days long and lazy. I have started feeling the urge to begin creating again but I feel almost too lazy to begin. I made a little collage of my most popular Instagram posts and it makes me so happy to see these pictures together. I feel like they really express my dollmaking self. 

Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2017. Wasn't it cool that the whole new year started on a Sunday, new week, new year.