Dollmaking is in full swing again here. I had a good long break over Christmas, lots of family time. We hosted the big lunch and it was a lovely day even though our eldest son stayed in WA. It's the first Christmas we haven't all been together  but it was OK. We had a full family get together a little later, in mid January so it was kind of like two celebrations. But now the house is empty again and it's almost time for our youngest to leave the nest. There are going to be lots of new rhythms to get used to, the two of us alone together after almost 29 years of parenting.


I have spent some some time working on a new dolly leg. I know, the things I do with my days. I have always made dolls with side seams on the legs rather than a central seam until the past couple of years and I have always preferred the side seam but I do like the shapeliness I can get with the central seam. I started working on this problem about twelve months ago. There was a way to achieve it but it meant  completely changing my preferred construction method and I knew in my heart it was never going to bring me joy. I put the problem to one side occasionally considering it but getting no further. Last week a solution so obvious hit me, I tried, it worked...problem solved. I won't try to explain it, ii words it sounds very clumsy. It works for me, it's actually a very elegant method with a great result and most importantly gives me great joy. For me, right now, that is the MOST important thing.


I hope what ever creative paths you are taking are bringing you great joy too. Being able to find that stillness, the quiet joyful oneness of creativity is a wonderful thing.