Cosy space


Autumn is really here now and I am feeling such a sense of calm and peacefulness. I'm quietly working on just whatever comes to me, knitting, new dolls, some needlefelting. 


I don't feel any kind of pressure to perform, only a joy in quietly creating, moving to my own rhythm  . I feel in tune with the season which I guess is also the season of my life.


I feel no need to measure myself against anyone else, it is only about me and my interpretation of my creativity. It's a very cosy feeling, like I am hunkering down and drawing on my stored supplies.


I hope to be here more often, to enjoy this cosy space and share the work of my hands as I spend this season surrounded by wool and dolls and books, spending time by the fire, in the garden, on brisk walks with the dog and many shared times with family and maybe a few adventures too.