* there is no special story or meaning to this doll. I wanted to try a larger version of my new 16/17" pattern and Boots was the result and I loved her.  For me she  inspires tenderness and love and cheekiness.

* I went to the TMAG in Hobart to see an exhibition of drawings by E.H.Shepard, an artist who so perfectly captured childhood and I  fell in love with his Christopher Robin sketches and they were the inspiration for her clothes. 

* I remembered my sister's funny little fluffy head when she was a little girl, my much adored little sister, the original Boots. 


And so, over time, Boots was created, no great story to be told. I would rather she makes her own story in her new home. I don't like being told what an artist is trying to say or achieve with a piece of art. My reaction is my personal experience with the piece. You know that some things touch you deeply, you make your own connection. We come to trust our favourite artists to speak to us in a shared language.


I can't tell my dolls' stories, they reveal little bits and pieces to me of my own story but they will make a different experience for their new owner. It's a personal thing, it's for your own interpretation. For me that's the way it should be. 


That little face, that sweet body, the weight of the doll, the feel, the smell, the texture of the hair and clothes. The next person to experience the doll will see it through very different eyes to my own and they will write their own story together.

Boots will be available in my shop on Monday morning AEST ( Sunday evening US EDT)