I forgot to take a photo of Fliss in her cardigan, a cosy green cardigan.  We always had cardigans when I was a child. My mum and auntie wore them a lot too. They were handy in the summer when the weather was being a bit unsettled and handy to wear with dress too rather than pulling on a jumper. I had a very favourite red cardigan. I probably had more than one and I did have a shop bought white cotton cardigan that I wore to Sunday school. All through primary school I had a grey woollen one  rather than a school jumper. 

So Fliss has been slowly coming together for some time. I’m glad I didn’t rush her, good things take time. I’m pretty sure though that she was hoping she would have grown long hair by now, long hair that could be put up into pigtails. Dream on little one, some of us, me included, just never manage to grow long hair. 


Jenny xx